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 422 Spoilers

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PostSubject: 422 Spoilers   422 Spoilers EmptyTue Oct 21, 2008 12:26 pm

From OneManga:

-- Spoiler #1

Source: kage.pl
Verificatio: Pending

Scene at Fukusaku's house, Naruto is waking up from bed.
Ma frog: Good mornin' Naruto, You've been sleeping for a very long time.
Naruto: eerm, I guess using that Natural energy for too long is making more sight effects. where is Pa frog anyway ?
Ma frog: he's investigating with other sages what happend with our shrine trees, some vandal cuted in half about 8 of them !
Naruto: (!!...) what are those thing exactly...?
Ma frog: these are a special ancient trees, with a very unique bark, with these we product that oil you used at your training. and it's not it's only attribute, we use it for healing, making various items...
Naruto: (sweating) so...can't you just plant them again ?
Ma frog: it needs about 30 years to fully grow, and for us to gather it's bark. it's a very serious crime !
Naruto: I...I'd like to tell you something...
Ma frog: what is it honey ? you...It's not what I think it is...?
Naruto: It was me...
Scene goes to konoha.
Kakashi is surrounded by two realms.
Kakashi: ( what is going on? not only I'm facing rin'engan user, but now two ? I just hope that a backup will arrive soon, or I'll may be forced to use my Mangekyou Sharingan...need to buy time)
Kakashi: Why are you here ? it is foolish of you to attack our village directly, with so few of you.
God realm: I'm here for the Kyuubi boy. and since you won't tell us where he is, then -
Demon realm is right behind Kakashi, and is speaking.
Demon realm: then it's the end of you!
Kakashi tries to dodge the black weapon, and gets stabbed by it in his back, instead of his neck, where the weapon was pointed.
Kakashi: gah!
Kakashi drops on his knees.
Kakashi (so this is the power...of the third doijutsu..)
God realm: That eye of yours is a very rare eye indeed...I will make you my minion, since your Konoha comrades has taken out one of my bodies...
we see a picture where hungry ghost realm is dead, lying in the ground, around him there are Neji, tenten, Gai ( wich is hurt as we see ) Lee, and some other konoha Shinobi.
Scene goes to Sasuke, wich we see is running through the forest with Team hawk.
Sasuke: guys, faster!
Karin: what the hell was all the risk for ? we almost died, and you let him go back then !?
Sasuke: I needed to test my abilities.
Seigetsu: well, you could tell us that, you could go alone you know...
Juugo: Frankly speaking, you could...
Sasuke: STOP!!
rest of the crew is like "!?"
We see Tobi standing in front of them.
Tobi: Well Sasuke, I won't go back on my words...
Scene goes to Naruto again.
Naruto is standing in front of the head sage, surrounded by a group of smaller frogs.
Head Sage: Uzumaki Naruto, law is a very important thing to us, sages, and since you commited a crime, that is a serious crime indeed...
Naruto: I didn't intend to damnit, how should i know-
Head Sage: by the law of Myobokuzan, I am canceling your contract, and dispach you from here, this place is sealed for you from now on, you may never come here again.
Pa frog Naruto, what have you got yourself into...I can't help you this time kiddo)
Naruto: Are...you serious ?
Next chapter: rejected!

-- Spoiler #2



Scene to Kakashi and the two Pains.

Kakashi(thinks): Two guys, this means I am their prey. The one is able to deflect all ninjutsu and taijutsu. So I have only two choices left.

God: Where is the ninetails?

Kakashi(thinks): I need to buy some time.

Kakashi: Jumping into Konohagakure and asking such questions. It seems you dont really understand your situation. But there is more...

God: Capture the Ninetails, this is my aim. Every obstacle will be destroyed.

Kakashi: Dont you think the leaves would protect his fellows. Like the NineTails is a precious ninja to our community. We will protect our children, thats the Will of Fire, dont you think?

God: You mean, I am an outsider?

Kakashi: So you are not so stupid.

God: As I was a human, I failed to protect everyone.

Kakashi remembers Obito and Rin.

Pain: But the Pain I suffered, helped me to become more than a human. There is only one way before the law of god. It is utter destruction.

Both Pains attacks.

Kakashi: !!!
Kakashi: Oh ****, now I have to be fast.

Kakashi jumps, forming some seals. A Mud Dragon breaks through the ground. Demon Pain is stuck in the Mud. God Pain was able to deflect the mud.

Kakashi: Now it is time.

Kakashi activates MS.

Scene to Tsunade.

Tsunade: He is fighting him!!!

Iruka: There is no doubt.

Tsunade: Send two squads. They should search for him.

Suddenly Konan appears.

Tsunade: !!!

Tsunade: Akatsuki...you are Pains Partner.

Konan: We need to talk.

Scene to Naruto.

Fukasaku: The Google Frog is late...

Naruto: What should he do?

Fuka: He should give us a report everyday.

Naruto: ?

Fuka: I have a bad feeling.

Scene to Kakashi and Pain. Kakashi totaly exhausted.

Pain: I see, is this the extent of your doujutsu?

Kakashi: I missed with my MS. I aimed at the second Pain. But he was able to dodge the attack by detaching all limbs from his body. This gave him the chance to attack me.Is he even human?
****...I used too much chakra. I am not able to win against this guy. I should have retreated...

Kakashi remembers Obito, Rin, Minato...and then Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto.

Pain: It seems he dont want to talk...I finish him.

Kakashi: I cant give up...

Kakashi activates his MS.

Pain: !!!

What is this new power? Next Time: A light that wont vanish.
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PostSubject: Re: 422 Spoilers   422 Spoilers EmptyTue Oct 21, 2008 1:33 pm

confirmation: pending

Chapter 422 :Birth of a legend

Scene opeans up with danzo in the head quarters of the disbanded Root divison

Danzo: everyone here?

Unknown shinboi: yes we are all here everyone but “sai”

Danzo: never the less we begin to move now…every dismissed!

(shinboi leaves head quarters)..operation “black dragon begins”

Scene changes to naruto

*Ma frog returned the next morning*

Ma and Pa : hey naruto come here please we have something important to discuss

*naruto eter with sage markings above his eyes*

Pa: naruto why are you in sage mode?

Naruto- well I could sleep last night and all I could think about was the side effects of the sage arts

Pa: and?

Naruto: I figured something out…I found away to evnetr sage mode with out have to put you in danger

*ma this child is amazing*

Ma: well naruto first we have gifts for you

*pa this sukiyaki naruto will be a leagend like no other*

Scence changes sakura in the hospital

Tsunade: thank good you’re here sakura

Sakura: yeah I summoned katsuyu aswell

*koan appears in the door way of the hospital*

Sakura: *akatski*you take care of the injured and shes mine *puts on gloves*

Next chapter: sakura vs. koan…and what have naruto figured out that has Pa and ma on there toes??

Next chapter: “Gifts”
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PostSubject: Re: 422 Spoilers   422 Spoilers EmptyTue Oct 21, 2008 1:34 pm

Source: ANP / animeprodestin
confirmation: pending

Another Specialist Prediction:

Kakashi’s Faith

Myobokuzan (Naruto views the damage done by his technique)

“Finally, it’s completed. I might as well go see what the old sage is up to. Perhaps he might train me again” said Naruto.

Switch Scene to Fukasku’s Hut:

(Fukasku and Shima discusses Naruto)

“I say he’s ready, he’s even better in the Sage Arts, than little Jiraiya was,” said Fukaskku. “The boy lacks experience. Sure he has talent, but he lacks the years of smarts. That is where little Jiraiya shined in, and you know it,” said Shima.

“Crazy ol woman, we are supposed to be honoring little Jiriaya’s own wishes, and he left everything to that boy, to the child of prophecy,” said Fukasku.

(Naruto walks in)

“Woah, what’s all the yelling about,” asked Naruto. “Its nothing. So tell me boy. How you feel about returning to Konoha,” asked Fukasku. “I think I’m ready. I’m ready to avenge pervy sage. I never met my father, but I can tell you that if I could have one, he’d be the one I’d call dad.

(Flash backs of Naruto and Jiraiya sharing an ice cream)

That’s one reason. Another reason is because of Tsunade. I can’t let that bastard get away with removing such an important person from the village. I’ve trained my butt off these past weeks, failure is not an option,” said Naruto.

(Shima closes her eyes and smiles) “What are you waiting for, call the communication toad back,” said Shima. “I almost forgot, I’m surprised Tsunade did not give us any feedback on the situation. I hope everything is going well,” said Fukasku.

(He makes a handseal and summons the slaughtered Toad. Naruto, Fukasku, and Shima are all shocked)

“What. He’s,” said Naruto. “Hell’s going on back at Konoha,” said Shima. “Naruto, we are heading to Konoha, Now,” yelled Fukasku. (Naruto and Fukasku rush outside)

“The village might not be safe. My bet, that its Pain,” said Fukasku. “Now he’s attacking the village. We have to go now,” yelled Naruto. “We’ll use your shadow clone as reconnaissance. It will be with me. We’ll consult the code breakers and investigation sectors. You will enter the village via Gamabunta. That should allow your shadow clone and me to slip in unnoticed. Be prepared. Soon as you enter the village, Pain will be on you in an instant. As for as I can tell, you have surpassed Jiraiya. I believe in you,” said Fukasku.

Switch scene to Konoha:

(Shinobi from all across the village are battling Konan and the rest of the Pains. Holding them off from Tsunade’s office)

Switch Scene to Kakashi: (He is on the ground. Demon Pain prepares to fire off his arm into Kakashi)

“Looks like I have no choice,” said Kakashi. (He activates Mangekyou Sharingan, but cancels it immediately, as he hears a crash and looks into the distance. He sees a flash back of Minato standing on Gamabunta, facing off against the Kyuubi. Immediately he snaps back to reality, and notices that its Naruto on top of the Toad Boss)

“So, he’s finally here,” said God. (Close up on all of the Pain’s eyes) “He’s ours,” said Demon. (They leave Kakashi alone)

(Flash back of Minato saving Kakashi from rock shinobi)

“He’s just like you after all,” said Kakashi.

(Everyone notices Gamabunta and Naruto)

Switch Scene to Code breakers: (Fukasku and Naruto’s shadow clone arrives in the code breakers room)

“Naruto, Fukasku, you’re back,” said Shiho. “Wait patiently. We almost have it figured out,” said Shizune. “I’ll be able to hold him off until then,” said Naruto.

Next Chapter: Pain’s secret is revealed
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422 Spoilers
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