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 Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers

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Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers Empty
PostSubject: Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers   Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 12:42 pm

Source: http://anime-and-manga.info/
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Naruto stares in shock at the fourth.

Naruto: “Your son? How is it even possible for you to be here?”

Minato looks at naruto and a tear comes to his eye.

“Minato it was a sacrifice that had to be made.”

A flashback image occurs as we see minato standing a distance away on the back of gamabunta.

Minato: “If this scroll works as I have figured, the fox will be utterly stopped from attacking konoha. Its destiny directly tied to the fate of my son.”
Gamabunta looks up at minato.
Gambunta: “But at what cost? Your life? Your soul? Surely there has to be another way.”

Minato looks down at a nearby hut with a damaged roof. Inside we see kushina and Sarutobi hovering over naruto working on the last of the seal.

Minato: “There is no other way.”

Minato does a series of hand signs and the reaper appears near the scroll.

Minato: “I call fourth the reaper of souls to make a trade. Half of my soul and half of the soul of the kyubi in exchange for the other halves of our souls sealed within my son in that hut there.”

The reaper turns to look at the fox which is at the edge of konoha’s gates. A ghostly hand reaches from its mouth and strikes the fox in the chest. The fox shudders in horror as its eyes widen in shock. The reaper turns and looks at Minato. Another ghostly hand shoots out and hits minato in the chest. He screams in shock and collapses to his knees. He looks up one last time and we see through his eyes half of his soul floating away along with the kyubi’s soul towards the hut. Inside the hut, kushina and sarutobi watches as the new seal on naruto begins to spin. The fox’s soul and minato’s soul slowly are drawn into it before vanishing entirely. Kushina then collapses and starts crying.
Kushina: “What have we done? My husband? My son? Both sacrificed to protect the village.”
Sarutobi: “It had to be done. Look at this as a gift. Your son will always carry within the heart of his father to guide and protect him.”
Kushina looks at naruto and starts crying as he awakens.
Kushina: “I cant take this. Im leaving the village. I entrust naruto and the body of minato to your capable hands.”
Sarutobi: “I will care for them well. I promise.”
Kushina: “Leave me now so I may spend some last minutes with my son alone before I leave.”

Sarutobi walks out of the hut and heads towards the body of minato still laying on gamabunta’s back. He picks up the scroll and puts in the case. Gamabunta looks up at sarutobi.

Gamabunta: “He died well to save us. I will inform the other frogs to build a shrine in honor of his sacrifice.”

Sarutobi looks at the hut and at the fallen minalto.

Sarutobi: “On the promise of my life minato and yours, I promise I will serve and protect this village to my final days. I will protect it once again as the third hokage. I will also watch over your son as you requested. He shall be remembered as the savior of konoha.”

Naruto stumbles back at the enormity of what he has seen. Minato smiles at naruto who gets up with a look of surprise.

Minato: “As you can see naruto. There is no need for you to break that seal. For I shall always be with you and watching over you. Now it is time you truly finished pain once and for all.”
Naruto: “But I have nothing left. Im no match for this pain.”
Minato: “You have forgotten something though. Something that pain has no idea you still have.”
Naruto: “The shadow clone?! I still have enough for one last use of sage chakra.”
Minato: “Always remember naruto. As long as there those who will sacrifice themselves for the lives of others, there will always be great ninja. Even though death may claim the lives of many of the greatest. A new generation will take its place. Each working hard to create a better life for the generation to come and to honor the sacrifices of those who came before. Honor me and all those before you naruto. Go show pain the true power of the hidden leaf village.”

Devi Pain stares at the dust storm of the reminds of the chibiku tensei. As the dust storm clears from a wind blow, naruto is revealed in sage mode. Then another naruto is shown. Then another. Until the wind blows away the last of the dust to reveal that devi pain is surrounded by not one but thousands of naruto clones. Nagato’s eye widen in shock at what he is seeing before him.

Next episode: “The true power of the hidden leaf village.”
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Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers Empty
PostSubject: Re: Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers   Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 12:42 pm

Source: http://forums.narutofan.com

ふだんナルト読んでないんで? ? な箇所あるかも

四代目とナルトの会話中心。 .
回想でナルト母、地雷也、赤ん坊ナルト、三代目火影も登場。 火影III.
九尾の半分の魂(陰陽?)を抱えて、死んだ母の魂がどっかの空間にいる。 .

Yondy and Naruto talking in his mind.
Flashback: His mother, Jiraiya, baby Naruto, and Sandaime.
Naruto's mother was sacrificed to seal Kyuubi.
They have Kyuubi's Yin(or Yan) chakra. The dead mother's soul is in the [room somewhere].
It kinda feels like this deeply emotional father-and-son talk will continue in the next issue.
Scene change,
Yamato is running.
Team Gai & Neji stares at the rock floating in the sky. "This is inconceivable"
A man similar to Orochimaru(Nagato?), he is coughing up blood.

四代目と会話 今のナルトなら使いこなせると 新しい封印式をしてもらう

Minato accounted for the seal he used not working. Activates new seal to keep the kyuubi in check.
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Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers Empty
PostSubject: Re: Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers   Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 12:43 pm

Source: http://powermanga.forumcommunity.net/?t=21082756

Verification: Pending



小鸣捂脸痛苦中:呀哒,这就好象通宵玩《马里奥》结果最后的BOSS居然是自己的兄弟“路易”一样,呀哒, 请在一格后就恢复原状带把哟~~
四代:你们就那么怕见到我么 = =||||



四代:没话说了?我要让你知道什么叫通宵打《马里奥》误杀死兄弟“路易”后对BOSS老乌龟的 复仇!

Source: http://powermanga.forumcommunity.net/?t=21082756

Verification: Fake

Face to face (Minato and Naruto stand side by side: A genius of a life time. His legendary skills extend back to the 3rd Shinobi War. The man who gave his life to stop the Kyuubi in its tracks, now faces his son, The Child of Prophecy.)

(The Kyuubi sticks its claws out of the cage trying to grasp for Naruto. Minato gives the Kyuubi a stare back.)

“So close, this blond haired freak of all things. Just like that Madara, leaves a morbid taste in my mouth,” said Kyuubi.

(Naruto looks at the 4th Hokage with awe.)

“My father,” said Naruto. (Minato looks down.) “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, what with you having to carry the burden of the Kyuubi on you shoulders, I know it must have been tough, but I was sure you could handle it,” said Minato.

(Naruto cracks a slight smile)

“So cool, my father is the 4th Hokage. The pervy sage was right, I look just like you. All I want to know, is how are you here, and where were you all this time,” asked Naruto.

(Naruto has a concerned face, Minato smiles a bit.)

“Pervy Sage, ha, ha, Jiraiya’s ways hasn’t changed yet. So how is the good man,” asked Minato. (Naruto looks down) “I see. Naruto I wish I could learn more about your life, but there are more important matters. Your seal has been broken. Considering the circumstances, I’m assuming the threat you are facing is extremely severe,” said Minato.

(Switch Scene to Pain’s location)

“Naruto forcefully pushed the 9 tails chakra out further, Chibaku Tensei will be ineffective from now on. One thing has been puzzling me since it broke free of my jutsu. Why is it just sitting there, there must be some kind of internal battle between the host and beast,” said Pain.

(Switch Scene to Nagato’s location)

“What should we do? Your body has reached its limits, I won’t lose you and Yahiko,” said Konan. “Right now it seems the Kyuubi is having difficulty executing its actions. We’ll use this time to plan our next move. I’ll need a lot of chakra for this, Konan, lend a hand,” said Nagato.

(Switch Scene to Yamato’s location)

“Its back to eight, the seal must be stabilizing. Still, even if it is Naruto still fighting, I have to help him revert,” said Yamato.

(Switch Scene to Konoha)

“There’s eight tails,” said Hyuuga. “Yes, the Kyuubi is pretty much released,” said another Hyuuga. “What? Katsuyu, notify the villagers, we’re going underground,” said Sakura.

(Switch Scene back to Naruto and Minato)

“How did you manage this far without the Key,” asked Minato. “What Key,” asked Naruto. “It seems he hadn’t been informed, it must be sheer will alone astonding” said Minato. (Minato does a few hand seals and summons Gerotora.)

“Minato, how the hell are you,” asked Gerotora. “Not now. I’ll explain. This Toad has a special print matching the Hakke Seal, this is called your seal’s Key,” said Minato. “Now that you mention it, I do remember the pervy sage saying something brief about it,” said Naruto.

“With this locked in place, I can revert the seal back to its original form, however, the flip side is also true. Long as this Key is locked in place with your seal, the Kyuubi’s chakra will be that much easier to be accessible. You have to balance the seal out to your liking if you don’t want to transform into the Kyuubi that is.

Once the Key is on you, its permanent, this will stop the seal from deteriorating. The Key allows you to potentially tune up or tune down the degree of Kyuubi’s chakra flowing within you.

This Key completes your seal, and the components of a new jutsu will be revealed to you in your consciousness. Use that to stop your threat. Sorry Naruto, you’ll have to endure just a little longer,” said Minato. (Minato unravels the “Key” as Gerotora vanishes. He wraps it around Naruto.)

“ARRGGH,” yelled Naruto. “I know it burns, but this will calm things down. Once you revert back to your original state, use “That Jutsu” end it my son, I leave everything in your hands,” said Minato.

(Outside the Kyuubi is reverting)

“So, he is suppressing the beasts’ chakra. Without it, he does not stand a chance in his current state,” said Pain.

Next Chapter: Final Clash “That Jutsu”

Click the link below to check the other Naruto 440 Spoiler
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Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers Empty
PostSubject: Re: Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers   Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 12:43 pm

Source: http://angeliontwist.sulekha.com/blo...nt/1453788.htm
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naruto : I am the son of the 4th hokage!!!!!?

minato : yes.My son i am your father .Your mother Kushina would have been happy to see you grow up..

naruto : !!my mom...!!?

Naruto has tears in his eyes..

minato : you have grown very strong...Son, I sealed the nine tails inside you so that you would learn to use its powers and destroy the one who seeks revenge to destroy the whole ninja world

the seal should not be released or else the nine tails will be hard to control....

minato : Uchiha Madara.The founder of the leaf...he is much powerful than the ninetails and myself.

naruto : !!!!!?

minato : We must stop him ...and we dont have much time...I should seal the fox right away...

ninetailsfox : YOU!GRRR!! I can break the seal now.HAHAHA

minato : !!


The nine tails appear!!


god realm gets blown away with kyuubi apperaring....

kyuubi throws tremoudous amount of chakra on GOD REALM..



minato : So its the master of the rinnegan....i must seal the nine tails before the seal is realeased completely and get ready son this is the last forbidden jutsu for you to master.....


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Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers Empty
PostSubject: Re: Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers   Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 12:44 pm

Source: http://www.mangashare.com/forums/sho...d.php?p=316778
Verification: Confirmed

it's all just talking ><
九尾が4代目登場して うおおおおおおおおおお4代目~
kyubi growls "gngggggggggggggggggg yondaime!'
so they move to another place to talk

why did he put the kyubi in his own son, **** happened, it was tough
Naruto punches the 4th (naruto pwns the 4th people! you heard it here first- kwgod)
minato believed his son would be able to control kyubi's power
naruto: because I'm the 4ths son [he seems satisfied with this]
something about naruto asking yondy about pain and yondy saying he'll find out.
Naruto learns from the 4th that Pain is being used by madara
he tells naruto that when kyubi attacked 16 years ago someone as behind it
he tells naruto it was someone with a mask
naruto remembers tobi

stuff happens and naruto escapes the ball in sennin mode

長門 我にかえったか…
nagato: you've returned to your senses have you?

next: final battle with pain


yondy lived in naruto's mind
so he knew about jiraiya's death

まあ封印式組みなおして チャクラもう残り少ないから 「じゃあ」
yondy fixes the seal, says his chakra is low and leaves 'in an opportune fashion'
kinda like that.

Another short summary:

-The chapter is mostly talking.
-Naruto punches Yondaime for putting 9-Tails in him but after talking he's satisfied.
-Naruto asks for help in answering Pain's question. Yondaime says Naruto will be able to find the answer.
-Pain is being used by Madara who was behind the 9-Tails attack 16 years ago. Naruto realizes Tobi=Madara.
-Naruto uses Sennin-mode to escape the sphere and Nagato comments that Naruto is back to himself.
-Next chapter is "The Final Battle with Pain"

Extra stuff: Yondaime fixes the 9-Tails seal on Naruto stomach and is alive inside Naruto's consciousness and thus knows Jiraiya is dead.
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Naruto Chapter 440 Spoilers
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