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 Roku Preview

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Preview of my newest fanfic Roku: An Jinchuuriki's tale.

Six teams of ninja moved towards the village hidden in the leaves. A gentle rain moved with them, a ninja would sense chakra within the rain, only one ninja did not have an umbrella, he was one of the genin, he was dressed in a black cloak that had red clouds adorning it, and he wore a bamboo hat. They wore the headbands of the village hidden in sound; the genin would be competing in the Chunin exams that would soon be taking place in Konoha.
“I can sense a shield of some sort surrounding the village, my rain is going through but that means they know we are here.” The boy said to the jounin traveling with them.
“The Otokage told us Roku! And you know you aren’t supposed to speak!” His jounin instructor yelled at him. The boy shut his golden eyes and the rain began to fall faster and harder, his teacher glared at him in annoyance. “Stop the damn rain NOW!” The boy stopped suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the ground between himself and his teacher, the rain continued.
“Damn Jinchuuriki, they never do what you tell them.” Another of the jounin said. Roku continued but stayed to the back and blocked out the other ninjas words. He felt a group of strong ninja approaching from the village, his rain had reached the Hokage’s tower but he couldn’t feel the ninja inside.
“Damn I wish the Otokage hadn’t given me that demon. He’s been nothing but trouble since I started teaching him, and he never does the thing I tell him to.” Roku’s teacher started complaining. “And on missions, he just kills unnecessarily; he killed someone we were supposed to be protecting because he said the rain told him she was evil!”
Roku watched them walk towards the approaching ninja, a smile came to his face as he came up with a plan, the rain began falling heavier and quicker, the sounds of thunder could be heard from the distance, lightning began shooting through the clouds lighting up the sky. The sound ninja looked at the Jinchuuriki unsure what he was doing, the smile on his face grew as he felt the ninja come next to the road they were on. He saw the flash of weapons and his lightning reacted accordingly, pulling down and striking at the trees like a living animal attacking in defense. The storm over head disappeared suddenly and he jumped back from the rest of the sound ninja. The leaf ninja jumped from the trees apparently thinking they were under attack. The Jinchuuriki looked at his surprised teacher as he was pushed to the ground by a black haired man with an odd bowl cut and green spandex took down half of the group single handedly. The rest were unable to move having been pinned down by what appeared to be shadows. A female ninja was holding kunai ready to throw. A long haired ninja in an almost robe like clothes and white eyes looked at Roku with interest, he jumped forward pulling out a kunai, Roku grabbed the handle of one of his weapons from within his cloak, by the time the ninja had reached him he had a sword in his right hand and a hatchet in his left. His sword was met with the kunai but when his other weapon reached around he was blasted away by a sudden rush of energy from the white eyed ninja. Roku was slammed into a tree, but he pulled himself up and rushed towards the ninja, only to be hit from the side by a sudden strike, his side was numb by the time he hit the ground, he waited until the ninja was almost on top of him before he used his next attack. A kunai touched his neck and his attack began, a bolt of lightning destroyed the kunai and launched Roku towards his fellow ninja. He pulled out his final weapon, a long spear that usually held the other two weapons but with the weight gone the weapon could be used in many more ways.
“What is this about? We haven’t done a thing!” He heard his teacher complain. Roku wanted to laugh, his teacher was always complaining about something. He instead readied his defense, the rain began again, the storm coming back full force, the lightning began charging in the sky, Roku was ready for the white eyed ninja who seemed to be able to stop any attack, except for the one that was coming. The female ninja sent out a wave of kunai and shuriken that he was forced to block with the built up lightning, the white eyed ninja took advantage of this and struck the side of his neck with his special taijutsu. Roku fell to the ground.
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Roku Preview
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