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 Opinion, The Crime of Being robbed.

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Opinion, The Crime of Being robbed. Empty
PostSubject: Opinion, The Crime of Being robbed.   Opinion, The Crime of Being robbed. EmptyWed Nov 19, 2008 10:06 pm

Well when I first saw this story I laughed until I figured out that every story I had read from this guy was absolutely real.

"Here’s one way to reduce your crime statistics: jail victims who report crime.
That’s the latest method of crime-stopping in Shreveport, Louisiana. Starting October 15, gas station owners and even attendees will be culpable if a thief gases up and drives away without paying. Owners and employees will face fines and even jail time. The reasoning is that they are partly “responsible” for the crime by not requiring all customers to pre-pay.
I can’t say it’s the dumbest law out there because, well, there are so many dumb laws. It’s a very competitive field.
Councilman Monty Walford, who voted against the new ordinance, wonders whether the city will now require that grocery customers give a deposit before entering the store.
Police Chief Henry Whitehorn came up with the idea of penalizing Shreveport gas stations when drivers rob them. Whitehorn babbles that it’s a crime prevention measure. Station owners protest that it’s more customer-friendly to let customers pay after gassing up. In any case, how they conduct business is, obviously, their own business.
All kinds of mandatory restrictions on ways of doing business might “prevent crime.” How about forcing shop owners to force customers to crawl through a concrete maze before reaching the shelves . . . then submit to strip searches as they leave? Sure, such a law would be costly, but it would “prevent crime.” "

After reading and thinking I thought of how this law would effect the people of that town. In these tough economic times how could a town think about punishing their stores for being robbed, how backwards do these people have to be to think any good can come of this, honestly I wonder if they should fire the Police Chief for incompetence.
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Opinion, The Crime of Being robbed. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Opinion, The Crime of Being robbed.   Opinion, The Crime of Being robbed. EmptyThu Nov 27, 2008 9:37 am

Is it really punishment? They are being robbed cuz people take off and don't bother paying. If they had Gas Stations like that in Los Angeles,...dang they would get robbed like crazy.

The Pre-Pay method is what lots of Gas Stations use. It's not even that hard to implement. I don't even know how that would be any less customer friendly. You're just going to the station for gas, not to buy an anniversary ring for your wife (although some people do >__>).

I don't think the Chief is stupid. He just needs to work out the details.

The argument with the supermarkets isn't valid. It's like what was said would happen if an equal gender law was passed. People said that men and women would have to use the same bathrooms and dress alike. Yeah right.

*the women would be the supermarkets and the men would be the gas stations*

................ study
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Opinion, The Crime of Being robbed.
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